We specialize in working with your show contractor or just take on the task of creating the entire package oursleves working in partnership with many of the countries largest exhibition firms. For over 20 years, RR&A has been creating themed exhibitions for both Association and Corporate Trade Show producers. Through a unique blending of two highly experienced and specialized service providers, producers may now enjoy the best of all worlds when planning any size exhibition.


RR&A delivers unparallelled success in developing conference and convention themes, coupled with custom selling environments that uniquely complement the character and vision of the client. BH&L maintains a well-respected standard for efficient implemenation of all elements of exhibition management, from design, planning, and installation, to drayage handling, exhibitor services and attendee registration, and dismantle.


RR&A's uncommon attention to detail and hands-on knowledge of both customer and product has resulted in the most innovative of trade show designs and programs. Not only do RR&A's show designs and layouts provide visual impact along with increased and effective traffic management but RR&A integrates client, customer, and product through interactive programs, activities, and entertainment. Vendor programs increase both exhibitor participation and visibility resulting in increased booth traffic. Contests for attendee and exhibitor create greater opportunities for networking and communication.


From start to finish, RR&A provides comprehensive representation and management for you with not only your chosen venue but with support service contractors, floor managers, caterers, and entertainers. Isn't it time to put the excitement back in your trade show? We're ready, are you?

Themed Expositions